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Information session on circular water economy (in Dutch)

Flanders has a high degree of water stress, given that its water reserves are limited. Together, we are seeking innovative solutions to better manage our water and use lower-quality sources, e.g. rainwater and wastewater, to obtain water of a higher quality. At the Aquarama trade fair, VLARIO, in collaboration with VMM, Aquafin and De Watergroep, will organize an information session on circular water management for local authorities and sewage treatment operators.

In a circular economy, wastewater is recycled as much as possible. This also includes reusing it and making full use of rainwater. Many technologies are already available. In the future, all sectors should focus more on the circular economy, as stated by the Flemish government in the coalition agreement.

During this information session, you will hear about circular water legislation, why it is applied, the technologies that exist for this purpose, using some sample projects as illustration, and how you can impose this in your municipality for companies and industrial zones.

13:30 - 13:40

Word of welcome
By Wendy Francken, Director of VLARIO

13:40 - 14:00

Circular water legislation

Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij

14:00 - 14:25

Re-use of (waste) water in the fight against drought

Marjoleine Weemaes, Aquafin

Manager Research & Development

Why is it important to close the water cycle? What sort of water do you need? Which good methods for purifying and re-using ‘grey’ water and effluent already exist? How can you best use rainwater to spare precious water sources? And what role can local authorities play in this? This will be illustrated with a number of model projects.

14:25 - 14:50

Circular water technologies


Overview of the technologies that already exist and are accessible for application, using some sample projects as illustration.

14:50 - 15:10

Valuable substances from sewage – Presentation of the European project WOW

Katrien Bijl, project WOW (Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe)

Project Manager

Sewage contains valuable substances that can be used as raw materials for bio-based products. However, this potential is hardly exploited yet in North-West Europe. The Interreg North-West Europe project WOW! – Wider business Opportunities for raw materials from Waste water – looks at the possibilities of extracting valuable substances from sewage and upgrading them to bio-based products. This is an important step by the water sector in the transition towards a circular economy. The focus is on cellulose, lipids and PHA bioplastics.

15:10 - 15:30

Tailor-made water and energy

Ortwin Deroo

Architect, Business Development Manager, De Watergroep

The energy-water nexus provides many opportunities to focus on sustainability in existing and certainly in new spatial developments. De Watergroep works with municipalities, companies and developers to contribute to climate-robust solutions with innovative concepts for water and energy.

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