FAIR NEWS 06/05/2020


Aquarama Trade Fair: made corona-proof for exhibitors and visitors!

We are still waiting for guidelines from our Security Council regarding trade fairs and congresses. Because no one benefits from ambiguity and a wait-and-see approach, we are implementing our own set of logical and thorough measures in the interests of the health of our exhibitors and visitors.

In order to best guarantee your safety during the 15th Aquarama Trade Fair, we have changed the layout of the trade fair and workshop. The most important interventions involve widening the corridors to 4 metres and providing a separate entrance and exit. We ask visitors to keep as far to the right of the corridor as possible in order to ensure a safe distance between those present. Having a separate entrance and exit will help visitors to avoid having to cut across each other’s paths in the corridor when entering. The full capacity of the Brabanthal will be used so that everyone can keep their distance while still being able to move around the trade fair in a convenient manner. We also provide hand-disinfection facilities. We have also sought to improve the safety of the participants during the various talks. We provide a safe distance between all the participants and the seats will be disinfected between talks. To avoid congested areas, we have made an extra catering point available. We are confident that we can count on the understanding and cooperation of the exhibitors and visitors regarding these important measures. All this is being done to ensure that your participation or exhibition is both safe and pleasant.